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Transforming Negative Experiences

Creative Dimensions Of Generative Change
With Stephen Gilligan Ph.D


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What Is This Event About?

In any creative path, negative experiences will show up—lack of confidence, rejections, depression, fear, etc.  Generative Change work sees such experiences as integral and essential parts of any significant development, and emphasizes how to skillfully and and creatively utilize them as part of the solution. This practical and positive approach assumes that each core human experience has equivalent potential to be positive or negative, depending on the human relationship to it; and thus focuses on how problems may be transformed to resources by skillful human connection.  This webinar explores this approach, and will include examples, techniques, and a demonstration.

About The Presenter

Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D
is a psychologist who received his doctorate from Stanford University. He was a central figure in the original NLP group, and then became a major student of Milton Erickson, the great psychiatrist and hypnotherapist. Dr. Gilligan has been extending this work for the past 35 years in significant ways, while also developing Self-Relations Psychotherapy. In 2004, he received the rarely given Lifetime Achievement Award from the Erickson Foundation in honor of his many contributions. Steve is well-known throughout the world for his inspirational teaching. He has published extensively, and his 8 books include the recent Generative Trance: The experience of creative flow; The Hero’s Journey (w/ R. Dilts); The courage to love and Therapeutic Trances.

Real Customers Feedback

My heart is dancing

Anja-Foerster-testimonial-NLP-Planet“Thanks Stephen!! It is such and amazing and wonderful feeling in the heart and  in the mind  to create the confidence that the dream I have will become true. Your demonstration was outstanding, considering also the distance between you and the woman! Such a telepathic demo. Thanks NLP Planet for making all this possible! My heart is dancing with the rhythm of everybody!”

Irina Kadmova

Something that is really good to learn!


“I really liked the webinar with Stephen Gilligan “Generative Coaching”. The live demonstration with a client was absolutely unexpected. Despite thousands miles separating him from the client Stephen showed all his genuine mastery. It is amazing how he has been able to calibrate the client’s state in such a great way via the internet, to really feel her and notice every little change occurring in her. In order to work online like this, it is necessary to have a tremendous mastery!

I want to thank Steve for the technic that he showed. I have found the answers for many questions that i could not answer for a long time. :) Creating a Generative State in which the creative unconscious will lead me to my dream by itself – is something that is really good to learn! Thanks Steve, thanks to all the NLP Planet team for this opportunity to join a great global NLP field filled with so many resources!”

Elena Tikhonova

What You Will Get From This Webinar

  • 4 core practices to transform negative experiences
  • basic method for transforming negative experiences
  • self-relations prototype method
  • exercise: good self/ bad self
  • exercise: reconciling conflicting opposites
  • exercise: somatic modelling of problems


March 29, 2014, 9.45am-11.15am – Pacific Time / 4.45pm-6.15 pm London Time


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  • How to set positive intentions and goals towards a positive future;
  • Somatic centering;
  • Use your own field resources in a way to have positive connections beyond the problem;

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