How to get the access to your account


1. Come to and click «Affiliates» in the menu


2. Click «Affiliate Login» in the right top corner


3. Enter your Login and Password (it was sent to you after the registration)



Where to find the affiliate links for promotion


Come to your account and click «Links & Tools» in the menu


Here you can find your affiliate links



What does Tier 2 commissions mean and


How you can use it


If you drive people to our website via your referral link and they register as affiliates,

you will receive 10% commision on all launch product sales of them.


You can find your affiliate link on the same page as in the previous explanation.



Other advertising materials


Come to «Links & Tools» and click «Banners» in the left top corner



Here you can find your affiliate HTML code for the banners




There are the most popular ways to use affiliate materials:


To send news letters to your subscribers (mailing list) or friends about an event putting your referral link there.
To put a banner in your website. If you need a specific size of the banner or any other features, please, write to our support, we will assist your needs.
To post a message about an event in your facebook group putting you referral link.
To post a message about an event in your facebook or twitter profile putting you referral link.
You can also find a referral link for the Affiliation Program page in your affiliate account. Attracting other affiliates you will recieve 10% commission on all launch product sales of them. 
Also just want to mention that  once your audience comes to any page via your referral link (even if it is a page with free products), they will get a cookie which will record them in our system for  lifetime commissions (whatever they buy in the future, you will receive commissions).