Dynamic Spin approach demonstration

Below is a video of Kris doing Dynamic Spin process with a women who had a belief that “it was best not to speak”. Apparently, when the woman was three years old she bit down on a power cord and severely burned her mouth and face – and she almost lost her tongue too. It was a very serious accident and she almost died.

As a result of this accident, she had over 30 plastic surgeries to fix her face. When you watch the video, you really can’t see the physical effects of her trauma. However, the psychological effects of the accident had been with her, her entire life.

Kris worked with her for seven minutes doing Dynamic Spin process, and was able to help her completely eliminate the emotional trauma of her accident. Apparently, she had been working on this issue for over 30 years. And she was finally able to resolve it in less than seven minutes doing Dynamic Spin with Kris! and we have the video of it!


There is the follow up interview with Cezanna six weeks later. In this video, she talks about how her entire life was positively changed in less than seven minutes doing Dynamic Spin:



Dynamic Spin™ is a revolutionary approach consisting of several techniques and processes– that allows users to release their negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs and physical pain in as little as eight minutes. Dynamic Spin approach is practical, easy to use with yourself and others, and work well with children. Kris Hallbom and Tim Hallbom are the developers Dynamic Spin™. To find out more about this revolutionary approach, visit their website at: http://www.dynamicspinrelease.com/.


Discovering the Gift – A Dynamic Spin™ process that will help you release your negative thought patterns, physical pain and other mind-body issues in a matter of minutes!

1. Identify an unpleasant thought, feeling, emotion or physical symptom that keeps you from having what you want.

2. Notice the physical sensations and/or visual images associated with the problem or issue, and determine where you feel it in your body when you think it.

3. Pull the problem/issue away from you, and see it floating out in front of you in the form of an image or symbol.

4. Determine which way the image is spinning. Is it spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise? If it appears motionless then ask, “If it was spinning, which direction would it be spinning in?”

5. Reverse the direction of the spin, and get it going faster and faster until it disappears– and a new healing image; symbol or gift appears in the space out in front of you.

6. Identify the positive message from the gift, and how it is meaningful to you. 

7. Send the gift out on an adventure to find another hidden gift or message. When it comes back note any additional transformation and positive communication from the gift.

8. Bring the the gift back into your body and notice all of your new feelings and understandings.

9. Now consider your goal and/or desired state. The pathway to achieving it should be easier.


The 14 Dynamic Spin Principles and Observations

1. The entire nature of our Universe is based on spin.
2. Spin is an intrinsic property of all elementary particles such as quarks, leptons and bosons (which are the basic building blocks of our universe).
3. Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and physical symptoms have an unconscious spin quality to them – which can be positively transformed when you spin your representation of them.
4. Problem states and negative emotions typically spin one direction, while positive states and emotions spin the opposite direction.
5. When you take a negative emotion, and reverse the direction of the spin, the negativity of the emotion will fade away or disappear.
6. When you take a positive feeling, and spin it in the same direction, it will intensify the positive nature of the feeling.
7. There is often a positive, archetypical message or hidden metaphor to be found within each spin that you do. Typically, the message will serve as the resource that you need to resolve the problem, and inte- grating it in will make a positive difference in the outcome.
8. If an image or gift seems incomplete, then slowly spin the representation of it in the positive direction, and the image will begin to fill in and become more coherent.
9. If there happens to be more than one negative feeling or image that appears, then place a larger circle around all of the images– and reverse the spin of the larger circle until it transforms into a positive feel- ing, image, symbolic gift or archetypical metaphor.
10. Never spin an image of a person. Instead, spin the negative feelings you have about the person. Or spin a symbolic representation of the problem or issue that you have with the person.
11. Never spin an image of a body part like an organ or a limb. Instead, spin the symbolic representation of the pain, the malaise or the problem associated with the body part.
12. If you have any difficulty in releasing an image or representation after spinning it, then there is often a deeper forgiveness issue that needs to be resolved.
13. If you get a gift back that you don’t understand what it means or you don’t like it, then you can spin it again until another gift appears. Or you can send it out on a mission to get another gift or treasure.
14. When in doubt, spin it out – If there is something bothering you, try spinning it and see what you can do to change it!


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