6 Secrets for Successful Relationships with Xavier Lee

Xavier Lee is an international business consultant, leadership trainer and coach. Xavier draws from a wealth of global management experience, having started and operated his own businesses, as well as having led strategic business groups in major corporations. Previously, Xavier served in senior management positions at Fortune 100 companies. Xavier’s specialty is building high performance teams, and his teams were recognized forachieving innovative and creative results.
From this webinar you will learn how to:

You Will Learn How To:

Gain crystal clear clarity of your own values and desires in the context of relationship

The Golden Ratio for maintaining a positive, happy relationships

Learn how to decipher your partner’s hidden relationship mental programming

Learn how to respond to different communication styles

Learn to be Present, and how the benefits of this simple technique can change your life

Talk in a way so your partner will listen, and listen so your partner will talk



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